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Hi there, my name is Daniel and thanks for stopping by to check out my drone review website! I’m from Seattle and love to use my drones when traveling, hunting and playing with my kids.

I started this website because I got into drones a while back and just loved experimenting with them for photography, scouting deer and hanging out with my kids.

When we’d go to BBQs, we’d fly our drones and my friends would ask me all sorts of questions. When it came time for some of them to buy online, I’d help them better understand the mountain of technical information about drones.

I also have a great friend who travels the world taking amazing photographs of landscapes. So we thought we’d get his tips about traveling with drones out there to you too.

I also have farming friends who are interested in drone technology to make some of their jobs easier like checking cattle, crop scouting and spraying. So I’m doing some research into this as well. It’s really amazing what drones can do to make lives easier and how far they have come in just a few short years!

I hope you find my website helpful and find the right drone for you.

All the best, Dan

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